Xander Gomez and Juan Vasquez

Juan Vasquez is shy about getting his first massage, but his buddy Xander Gomez has all the right tools to relax his sexy twink friend. The blanket was already down when Juan walked into the backyard, nervously waiting for his buddy Xander to give him his first massage. Xander soon walked over and eased Juan's mind as he lifted Juan's shirt and began touching his shoulders and back. Xander then placed Juan flat on the blanket so he could get a better grip on his friend's ass. But now Juan's cock was hard and needed to be released, just as Juan's did. That's when Xander got his hands and mouth where needed. Xander sucked Juan's cock until it was time for Juan to take matters into his hand.
Featuring:  Juan Vasquez, Xander Gomez
Release Date: 12/28/2023