Tony Pierce and Julian Mendes

I've been noticing my buddy Julian talking about his body pain. I would give anything to get my hands all over his muscles, but I never thought he would be down for it until one day, Julian came into the locker room, and I gave him that body massage. I was shocked it was happening, but I didn't let him know. Covered in lotion, my hands moved around his body, finding his chest and nipples before making their way to his thighs and jock. We both saw his bugle growing, so I pulled his undies to the side and grabbed his dick, but why stop there? If he let me stroke it, then maybe he would let me suck it. His cock tasted amazing, but eating his ass and letting him stroke off on my face was the prize.
Featuring:  Julian Mendes, Tony Pierce
Release Date: 07/13/2023