Sly Conan and Rene Sava

Late nights with my stepbrother always mean I'll be crashing at his place. We share his bed instead of making me sleep on the couch. I like to thank him with a massage since I know he likes them. The sun hit and woke me up. I noticed Rene in his jock, and my morning wood stood at attention. I touched his shoulder as he slept, then moved on top of him, which woke him, as I continued to rub his shoulders. I lotioned my hands and placed them on his lower back. He moaned, and I knew to keep going. I massaged his upper half while my hard dick pressed against his ass. It's been a few years since we fucked, but I always think about it. I decided to play with his hole with my finger to test the water. That got Rene hot, and he swallowed my cock. I flipped him on his back and stroked his meat until he made a cummy mess. Next time his ass is mine.
Featuring:  Rene Sava, Sly Conan
Release Date: 10/24/2022