Sly Conan and Luzio Montego

My stepbrother, Luzio, slept over my house the other night. We got home late from the club, and he didn’t want to go home. I knew the real reason the next day when we started kissing. He grabbed my jock and started trying to get my morning wood to grow. It was working, but I decided to give him a rubdown first. I started on his lower back with some lotion, then his shoulder blades. I could tell that he was into it by his moans. That’s when I started kissing his neck, which turned into kissing his lips. He turned around, pulled my jock off, and took what he was after all this time. I didn’t resist as he swallowed my dick. Luzio pulled his cock out, and we jerked each other off like we did when we were younger.
Featuring:  Luzio Montego, Sly Conan
Release Date: 09/01/2022