Sly Conan and Cesar Rose

It was another day after a long soccer practice, and I needed to see my stepbrother Sly for a massage and a little more. He was in the back, so I got undressed, jumped on his table, and waited for him. He arrived in his jock, and quickly got to work. I loved him touching me, but I also loved playing with his beautiful cock. As he rubbed my back, he put my hand on his cock, and I stroked it while he played with my hole. After finishing my back, Sly flipped me over and started stroking my meat. He had my cock in his hand, and I had his, but I wanted his dick in my mouth. I jumped off the table, got on my knees, and swallowed his dick as I stroked mine. I shot my load all over the floor. That was just what I needed.
Featuring:  Cesar Rose, Sly Conan
Release Date: 12/08/2022