Scott Smith and Rimi Morty

You can't blame Scott Smith for taking his shot with sexy twink Rimi Morty when he asked for a massage. Getting his mouth on that big cock was long overdue. It was a long day, but Scott was horny and thought Rimi might be too. As they sat on the couch, Scott knew he had one opportunity to treat his teammate to a massage, but the blow job soon popped into his head once Rimi started playing with himself as Scott's hands moved around his body. Things took a turn for the erotic when Rimi said Scott could suck his dick. Without hesitation, Scott was where he wanted to be, as he played with Rimi's dick and hole. Soon, Rimi took matters into his own hands and stroked out a beautiful load.
Featuring:  Rimi Morty, Scott Smith
Release Date: 10/12/2023