Scott Smith and Alpan Stone

Don't you wish you had a hot friend like Scott Smith to give you a massage? We can't be as lucky as Alpan Stone, but we can watch. Scott and Alpan walk into the apartment and flop onto the couch after a long day of wrestling in the park. Aplan was tired but found the energy to accept a massage from Scott. He took an upright position as Scott rubbed his shoulders. Scott liked the feeling of his hands on Alpan's skin, and he could tell his friend did too, watching Alpan groping himself. They then moved to a more relaxed position, with Scott straddling Alpan's legs after removing the rest of his clothes. A beautiful ass in his hands was all Scott needed to get his dick flowing with blood. He rubbed his buddy's body, only stopping at his hole, which he made sure to admire before flipping him over and tasting his cock. Wait till you see what happens next. Enjoy.
Featuring:  Alpan Stone, Scott Smith
Release Date: 01/25/2024