Roy Massage 2

One of my favorite boys, Roy, came to show off how much work he's been putting in at the gym. It made me happy to see him take his athletic journey seriously. But even so, the care I provide is vital to their development, and I take that role seriously. After flexing, Roy laid face down as my hands got reacquainted with his smooth, muscular body. I oiled his back and rubbed down his arms. I could feel a lot of tension in his hips and pulled his undies to get a better feel for the situation. All that work made his ass muscles firm and tight. Nothing a little bit of warm oil and a tender touch couldn't fix. I lifted his hips and grabbed his cock and balls. His big hard cock hung as I stroked it while massaging his legs. I turned him over and finished the job.
Featuring:  Conor, Roy
Release Date: 11/21/2022