Roman Capellini and Liam Rose

It was a hot afternoon, and Liam and I had returned from a long day of practice. Liam had mentioned earlier that his muscles were already sore, and all day I couldn't stop thinking about my hands all over them. Funny enough, when we got to my house, Liam asked if I wanted to give him a massage. He must have been reading my mind. Of course, I said sure, but there was one muscle I needed to massage more than the others. He pulled his singlet down, and I started on his shoulders before getting flat on his stomach and mounting his back. My touch made him giggle, but it was no laughing matter when I turned him over and started rubbing his cock and got it in my mouth. It tastes so good. I pulled my dick out and jerked us both until he came.
Featuring:  Liam Rose, Roman Capellini
Release Date: 08/24/2023