Rene Sava and Felix Harris

Felix has been the best older brother anyone could have. He's done so much for me, and I didn't know of to repay him. I figured the massage lessons I took should help, and I was right. He arrived at my house, and we both stripped down to our jocks. His shoulders were where I started, but I couldn't keep my eyes off his ass. That led to me kissing his neck before our lips met. I reached down and took his cock into my hands. It was hard as a brick, and I wanted it in my mouth. He seemed like he wanted the same thing and wasn't stopping me. My head lowered, and even though I'm not a bottom, I'm the best at giving head. I wish I had him in my mouth more often, but his load on my chest makes up for it.
Featuring:  Felix Harris, Rene Sava
Release Date: 12/22/2022