Rene Sava and Cecil Rose

Rene was hanging in his room when his coach, Cecil, stopped by for a massage after having a long day. Without question, Rene was going to do whatever the coach needed, especially if it meant getting his lips on his cock. Cecil knew he was in good hands and relaxed as Rene removed his shirt and put his hands on his back and shoulder. The touch of his hands sent waves of pleasure racing all over Cecil's body, including his cock. Soon, Rene was on top of Cecil, working his hairy chest, but that wasn't enough, as Rene removed the coach's pants and undies, exposing his beautiful dick. Rene removed his drawers, too, and gave Cecil a taste of what it would feel like inside of him before taking the hard cock into his mouth and working it until cum covered his cheek.
Featuring:  Cecil Rose, Rene Sava
Release Date: 05/09/2024