Miron Sokolov and Scott Smith

Getting his hands on Scott Smith's big twink cock was Miron Sokolov's number one mission. How he would get there is the fun part. Miron knew that Scott was stopping by, and after offering a massage last summer, it was time to pay up. Miron's face lit up when Scott walked in the door, ready for a good rub. After taking his clothes off and laying on the bed, that was just what he got, and then some. With moans of pleasure falling from Scott's lips, Miron didn't hesitate to rub his hands on his friend's beautiful hole before flipping Scott over and taking his big cock in his mouth. Scott didn't know what was happening but was happy to be taken care of. Miron then finished his buddy off with a hand job to relax his entire body. What a good friend.
Featuring:  Miron Sokolov, Scott Smith
Release Date: 10/19/2023