Miron Sokolov and Rimi Morty

Miron Sokolov thought he was slick when he asked his buddy Rimi Morty for a massage after the game. Little did he know, Hot twink cock was Rimi's favorite treat. It was a long day, and Miron was in need of a massage and maybe some head. He knew who to ask, at least for the massage. His teammate Rimi didn't mind helping out a friend in need. He started on Miron's shoulders and soon moved to his chest, where a flick of the nipple started Miron's cock to swell. He couldn't hide it and didn't need to. Rimi reached down and took it into his hand before Miron laid ass high on the couch. By this time, Rimi's hard cock couldn't help but press against Miron's ass. But sucking cock was more of Rimi's joy. That and watching Miron stroke out a load.
Featuring:  Miron Sokolov, Rimi Morty
Release Date: 10/26/2023