Milo Dusek and Felix Bonnet

My stepbrother, Milo, is the best guy I know. We were hanging out on the couch when my body sorta maneuvered itself between his legs as he sat on the arm. It didn't take much convincing on my part for him to give me a massage while he was back there. We've been away together at school, so he knows how stressed out I am. As he rubbed, he started kissing my neck, which felt good. We got undressed, I moved flat to my stomach, and he got on top of me in just his undies. Feeling the cotton stretching as his hard cock rubbed against my ass was everything. Milo pulled his dick out and teased my crack with it while lotioning the crack of my ass. That's when I flipped over and let him suck and pump a load right out of my dick.
Featuring:  Felix Bonnet, Milo Dusek
Release Date: 02/23/2023