Micah Martinez and Jackson Wright

It’s a coach's job to keep their young athletes in top competitive shape. So when Jackson came to my room and told me his back was hurting, I put my book down and jumped into action. Little did I know it was all a ploy to get my hands all over his body. I started on his back with some lotion. I wanted to be gentle, but something told me he liked it rougher. So I put my hands into his muscles, starting with his ass. I couldn’t help but run my thumb over his tight, puckered asshole. His moans told me how good it felt. I kept working on his back until it was time to get to the front. He flipped over and started stroking his cock while I licked on his nipples. I knew he wanted my mouth on his dick instead, so I went down and sucked a tasty load right out of it. That’s what a good coach does.
Release Date: 03/03/2022