Max Gen and Adam Keller

Sexy twink Max Gen was relaxing when his cute buddy Adam Keller started complaining about his leg. All he needed was a good massage, but not on his leg. Max Gen was on his phone, relaxing on the living room couch, when his buddy Adam Keller came in limping and complaining about his leg. Max, being the good friend that he is, knew a leg massage was the fastest way to get his friend naked, which is what they both really wanted. He wasn't wrong. Adam laid down on the couch. Max cradled his leg and began massaging until his hands found their way to Adam's crotch. Max then moved his hands towards Adam's feet and showed them some love before returning to his dick with an open mouth for stuffing. That was just the beginning.
Featuring:  Adam Keller, Max Gen
Release Date: 02/01/2024