Marcus Ashton and Finn Harper

It was a quiet day, and I was bored sitting at home all day, so when my stepbrother, Finn, came home and asked for a massage, I had no reason to say no, and about seven thick, beautiful, tasty inches, I mean reason's to say yes. Finn went to his room, stripped down his shorts, and lay on his stomach. I came in, grabbed the oil, and started working on his back. But I could not resist playing with his ass just a little. His shorts slid off, and I got my hands where they needed to be. Next was to get my mouth where it needed to be. Finn flipped over. I grabbed his cock, and started stroking it before taking it into my mouth. I sucked his dick for a few minutes and stroked Finn until he came over my hand.
Featuring:  Finn Harper, Marcus Ashton
Release Date: 08/31/2023