Karol Gaja and Tony Keit

Karol is getting ready to take his test so he can train to become a massage therapist. He’s very nervous and asks his stepbrother, Tony, to pretend to be a client. Tony agrees to help his stepbrother out. When he goes down to the living room, Karol is already waiting with his table, towels, and oils. Karol tells Tony to take off his clothes. In now only a jockstrap and socks, Tony gets on the massage table and relaxes. Karol starts rubbing Tony’s legs and then makes his way down to his feet. He removes Tony’s socks and continues rubbing until it’s time to turn Tony over. Karol oils up Tony’s back and keeps rubbing before removing his undies and working over his ass. He keeps massaging Tony’s back and then flips him over once more and rubs his cock until it is ready to explode, which it does.
Featuring:  Karol Gajda, Tony Keit
Release Date: 07/29/2021