Jake Waters and John Jones

I don’t usually take on younger clients, but John was different. He came highly regarded by many as an excellent patient, and I had to see for myself. He came to me about leg issues, but I knew this was his usual complaint, and in some ways, his code word for the type of service he was looking to get. I played it cool and started with an assessment of his inner thigh. I put him face down on my table and rubbed his back. He had some stress in those points, and I wanted to work all the tension out of his young body. I then moved down to his thighs with oil and massaged them well before taking his undies down and saw his floppy dick and super hairy hole. I had to touch and eat his ass before flipping him over and letting him feel my hard cock while I sucked and stroked his big dick until he came. And what a load it was.
Featuring:  Jake Waters, John Jones
Release Date: 02/24/2022