Jake Lotti and Rene Sava

It is cool to support family when you can, especially when they are starting their own business. It took nothing but a phone call for Jake to get me on his massage table. He was already waiting for me when I arrived. I stripped down and sat on the table so he could start on my shoulders. They were tight, and the first thing I needed rubbed. My ass is the second. He eventually got there, and I knew it was making him hard because he started using one hand. I’m sure the other was stroking his meat. I laid facedown so he could better grip my rump while stroking his cock. That's when he came around and put it in my face. I immediately put it in my mouth and sucked it until his warm cum covered my tongue.
Featuring:  Jake Lotti, Rene Sava
Release Date: 11/14/2022