Jackson Wright and Matteo Gomez

When your stepbrother visits you in Vegas, you have to show them a great time, and last night was no exception. Matteo came to visit, and we went out. Maybe we went a little too hard, too fast, but we are young. Luckily, Matteo has me as a stepbrother, and I made it my business to make sure he felt better. We got on the bed, and I removed his shirt. I forgot how beautiful his skin is. He needed a rub, so I grabbed the lotion and used it on his back. I could tell it was feeling good as he moaned when I touched him. He then took his pants off so I could get down his legs and, more importantly, his round, firm ass. After that, I flipped him over and took his cock into my mouth, knowing how much he loves it when I do. I sucked him until he was hard, then he took over. He stroked as we kissed, and when he was ready to cum, I finished him off. That’s what a stepbrother is for.
Release Date: 03/31/2022