Jackson Wright and Kai NeoLani

I don’t get to visit my stepbrother Kai as often as I would like to since I moved away to college. So whenever I come home, we make it special. We started kissing, and I could tell he missed my lips. I missed his lips too. I then took his shirt off and touched his body, and he laid back and relaxed. I licked Kai’s nips before flipping him over and adding lotion to his back, arms, and shoulders. I could tell he needed this, and I needed it too. I moved down towards his butt, removed his shorts, and massaged his ass. It still is the most beautiful ass I’ve seen. I continued down to his feet and then made him turn over. I grabbed his dick and started playing with it like we did when we were younger. But then I sucked on it, which was new to Kai. It didn’t take long before he grabbed his meat and finished the job.
Featuring:  Jackson Wright, Kai Neolani
Release Date: 03/10/2022