Jackson Wright and John Jones

After spending hours and hours training, I was excited to use my new massage skills. I was even more excited to use my skills on my stepbrother, John, but I wanted to be professional. I began with my intro and then started on his upper back and shoulders. I never noticed how hot his muscles were until that moment. I could feel the blood starting to move through my dick. I could only imagine how his dick was feeling. We’ve always been close and sometimes sexually. It was hard to control my hands from moving beyond the professional and into something else, so I didn’t try to stop them. I got his undies off and started playing with his hairy asshole. Then I flipped him over, stroked his cock, and put that monster in my mouth. I played with his hole as he stroked and flooded his stomach with jizz. I think he liked it.
Featuring:  Jackson Wright, John Jones
Release Date: 04/21/2022