Glenn Hut and Will Nouvak

Glenn couldn't help himself from looking while resting with his teammate, Will, on the bed as he slept. Glenn put his book down when Will woke up looking for a massage, which Glenn was willing to do. There was no wasting time once Glenn put his book down, and the two teammates kissed before removing Will's shirt, lotioning his hands, and putting them on Will's shoulders. Glenn knew he was doing everything right and pulled Will closer, kissing his neck, and rubbing his chest, before locking lips and then using those lips on Will's cock, which they both loved. Glenn welcomed a dick in his mouth and wanted to take his time with the thick piece of meat, but Will had other plans and rubbed his cock all over Glenn's smooth, warm ass before covering Glenn's face with his load.
Featuring:  Glenn Hut, Will Nouvak
Release Date: 05/23/2024