Glenn Hut and Gabriel Chiappe

I was hanging out at home, reading, when with my stepbrother, Gabriel, came home complaining that he needed a massage. I hate seeing him hurt, so I gave him exactly what he needed. I started with my hands on his shoulders. Then he removed his shirt, and I began kissing his neck. I laid him face up on the couch, mounted his hips, lotioned his chest, and continued rubbing. Soon, the need to take care of his dick overcame me, and after getting it hard, I put his cock in my mouth. It’s been weeks since I’ve sucked his meat, and I know Gabriel missed it. I got naked and let him grind on my ass, but I didn't want to get fucked. I wanted to stroke him off, and that's what I did. He shot a beautiful load, and I knew he was happy.
Featuring:  Gabriel Chiappe, Glenn Hut
Release Date: 07/18/2022