Glenn Hut and Bautista Nores

Bautista is my stepbrother, but he's been my major crush for many years. I watched him reading a book on the couch, and all I could think about were my hands all over his body, so much that it made my dick dance in my undies. I watched while rubbing my dick before taking my shirt off, moving closer, and touching his butt. He didn't jump, so I continued. Grabbing the lotion and rubbing his back seemed like a welcomed treat. As was playing with his ass. The sensation of grinding against his hole made my cock leak. Then we started kissing. His mouth seemed like a great place for my dick, and he agreed. He gives the best head by far. When I was close to cumming, I stoked a load out directly on his hole.
Featuring:  Bautista Nores, Glenn Hut
Release Date: 03/16/2023