Glenn Hunt and Claude Laurent

I love waking up and finding my stepbrother, Claude, on the massage table because I know whatever he had going on, I could help work some of it out in more ways than one. I grabbed some lotion and started rubbing his upper back. Claude's muscles were tense, but hearing him moan told me that he was enjoying it so far. I moved my hands down towards his hips and lower-back before making my way to his ass. He had on the pink jock I bought him for his birthday, and they looked great on him. I spread his cheeks apart and let my fingers do some exploring. His moans increased when I exchanged my finger for my tongue. Claude then stood up so I could get his cock in my mouth. His stress levels decreased with every warm squirt of cum that landed on my face. Isn't that what a stepbrother is for?
Featuring:  Claude Laurent, Glenn Hut
Release Date: 10/31/2022