Gavin Becerra and Felix Harris

Some say it's wrong that I date my stepbrother. Some say it's the hottest thing they've heard in a long time. Either way, I love Felix and don't mind doing things for him, like rubbing his body down with lotion and massaging his beautiful frame. We started kissing on the couch, but soon Felix ended up on his stomach. I grabbed the lotion and began rubbing his back, but that wasn't enough when you have a man like him between your legs. Sliding his undies down was next on my to do list. Doing so was making me so hard that cum leaked a spot in my jock. More lotion was needed as I played with his asshole before flipping him over and taking his dick in my mouth. I worked his cock until he straddled me and squirted jizz on my chest.
Featuring:  Felix Harris, Gavin Becerra
Release Date: 03/02/2023