Gabriel Chiappe and Derek Nagy

Today my stepbrother, Derek, needed a massage to prepare for the championships. We both stripped down to our undies. I grabbed the lotion as he relaxed on the massage table and began to work his shoulders and lower back before making my way to his firm ass. It had been a while since I touched his butt. Usually just a smack at the end of a play, but not like this. I heard him moan as I moved around, so I took a chance and started playing with his hole. I could feel it pucker and open for my finger. By this point, my cock was rock hard, and I had to let it free. I walked in front of the table, pulled it out, and Derek knew what to do with it. I pulled it out of his mouth, went to his feet, and squeezed my dick between them. After rubbing my dick on his ass, I stroked a load all over his face.
Featuring:  Derek Nagy, Gabriel Chiappe
Release Date: 10/13/2022