Ferdinand Rossi and Bautista Nores

It's my job to keep my stepson, Bautista, in shape over the summer so that he doesn't lose his scholarship. One wrong move and all that hard work goes up in flames, and I can't have that happen to my boy. We end the workout with sit-ups, but our way involves a little groping of my boy's cock for motivation. And we wrap with a well-deserved massage. On this day, Bautista took his shirt off, and I started with his upper back and shoulders as he sat on the bench. I moved below his belt line to his ass while kissing his neck. He removed his shorts. I straddled his hips and massaged his chest. He loves when I give him a little pressure on his cock with my ass. I could feel him getting hard, so I sucked and stroked his wood until his seed covered my tongue.
Release Date: 07/27/2023