Felix Harris and Rick Lennon

When you have a sexy jock twink like Felix Harris in need of a helping hand, you do whatever is needed because that's what step-brothers like Rick Lennon are for, that and stroking off on your ass. Felix must have hurt himself at practice because his ankle started bothering him. Luckily, his step-brother Rick was there to help. Amazing what some TLC - thick long cock - can do for a sore ankle once you have a great ass staring you in the face. Rick took Felix's leg into his hands and put it in his crotch so he could asses his step-brother's pain. But the only thing swelling up was Rick's cock. Felix turned over and gave Rick a better look at his smooth ass. But once he did, Rick immediately got distracted and unloaded on Felix's ass.
Featuring:  Felix Harris, Rick Lenon
Release Date: 04/18/2024