Felix Harris and Noah Johnson

I knew my stepbrother Noah needed a good massage, but I’ve been so busy that I sent him somewhere else. Now it was my time to make it up to him. I gently touched his back, legs, and butt before standing with my dick at his feet. I added lotion to his legs and moved my hands up and down while his feet teased my cock. I couldn’t leave my hard dick suffering in my undies, so I pulled them off and continued to rub Noah. I removed his drawers and started rubbing on his hole. He started stroking my cock with his hand, so I let him suck it while I played with his sweet butt. He was all in, and so was I. He sucked on my cock until the cum was ready to drip. I finished stroking off and marking his face with my seed.
Featuring:  Felix Harris, Noah Johnson
Release Date: 07/28/2022