Evan Novak and Jean Gilliam

It never occurred to me until today that Evan might be into me in any way. But there he was with my dick in his hand after giving me a quick massage. After getting home from a day of hanging out, I waited for him on his couch to return from his bedroom before taking my shirt off and laying face down on the ground. Evan grabbed some oil and mounted my back. It was the first time I'd ever been touched like this, but happy that my long-time crush was the one to do it. He moved his hands around my body, and I could feel his cock pulsating against my leg. I rolled over, and he grabbed my cock before putting me on my knees and playing with my hole. I never imagined that part would feel so good. Then he stroked my cock until I shot my load. Can't wait until he gets in my ass.
Featuring:  Evan Novak, Jean Gilliam
Release Date: 09/14/2023