Evan Novak and Bert Kuna

Hot jock Bert Kuna knows that being the captain of the wrestling team has its perks, especially when he has sexy guys like Evan Novak on his team willing to do whatever he wants. Bert and Evan came home from practice and went right to the bedroom, exhausted. But new guy Evan is happy to give his captain a massage. Bert plops facedown while Evan grabs some oil and begins to rub his sexy friends back. Evan’s not a trained therapist, but he knew exactly where most of Bert’s stress was coming from and made sure to hit all those spots, starting with Bert’s ass. But that’s wasn’t the only place that needed relief. After getting his feet worked on, Bert flipped over, giving Evan the access to his dick that he knew his teammate wanted. Evan knew the best way to work that muscle was with his mouth. He was right.
Featuring:  Bert Kuna, Evan Novak
Release Date: 05/02/2024