Dimitry Simonit and Uriel Simon

My stepbrother, Uriel, was patiently waiting face down on the massage table when I walked into the room. He had flown in for the weekend and had to stop by for my world-famous massage. Ok, not world-famous, but still amazing. I started on his shoulders and grabbed some lotion to make things slick. His muscles needed some attention, but as my hands moved down to his legs, his ass began calling me. Moving past his ass, my hands rubbed his feet, but I couldn't stop thinking about his butt. That's when I finally started massaging his rump. It was just the warm-up to getting my tongue in his hole. His pucker was so delicious that I didn't want to stop. Eventually, I flipped him onto his back and knew his hard dick belonged in my mouth. I sucked his dick until he shot.
Release Date: 04/13/2023