Dimitry Simonit and Caetano Silva

Sexy twink Dimitry Simonit needed the type of attention only a willing teammate could provide. Good thing he has Caetano Silva to help however needed, especially if it means he gets to suck some cock. Dimitry was already in the locker room nursing his sore feet when Caetano walked in with his towel wrapped around his waist. Being the teammate that he is, Caetano noticed his buddy in pain and decided to give him some help. Dimitry went face down on the bench and gave Caetano access to his feet, but Caetano didn't stop there as the helping hands made their way past Dimitry's calves, landing at his sexy ass. But he didn't stay long before flipping Dimitry over and feasting on his cock before letting Dimitry stroke off on his beautiful ass.
Release Date: 04/11/2024