Diego Dianz and Glenn Hut

It’s been weeks since I’ve seen Glenn, and we were long overdue for a get-together. I’ve been busy working on my massage therapy classes, and Glenn was the best person to practice on. He came over, laid down on my couch as I grabbed the lotion and started on his back. We’ve always had a special relationship, so getting naked wasn’t a big deal. I mounted his legs and began rubbing his butt. It wasn’t what I was taught, but knowing what the client needs is my gift. My dick was hard, so I rubbed it all over his ass. We started kissing, which made me harder, but this was about Glenn feeling good. I could tell he liked it, so I kept going until I flipped him over, grabbed his meat, and put it deep into my mouth. I sucked and stroked his dick until he came.
Featuring:  Diego Dianz, Glenn Hut
Release Date: 06/02/2022