Daryl Costa and Bruno Donizete

It was all good when my stepbrother, Bruno, came for his annual massage. He loves it when I take care of him, but little did I know I was the one being taken care of that day. Bruno came into my studio and relaxed on my table. We were both in our jock straps because it was hot in the studio that day. The lotion melted as it touched his warm skin, but the sight of his asshole made things really heat up. I pumped lotion directly onto his hole and worked it in with my finger before joining him on the table. His moans made me so hard that I started stroking my meat. How could I let his hole go without teasing it with my dick? It's been a while since we fucked, and I knew now wasn't the time, but it still felt good. But not as good as him sucking my cock and coming on his tongue.
Featuring:  Bruno Donizete, Daryl Costa
Release Date: 04/06/2023