Conor and Nagal

Today was a special day. My stepson's best friend, Nagal, came to see me. I'm not sure who told him about my services, but who am I to turn down a sexy, slim, young man in need, especially one that is so polite. I told him to get undressed, and he did. I started on his back, moving up and down. His bleach blond hair made him look like a star. I then massaged his legs before sliding off his red undies and getting my hands on his ass. I rubbed his feet and then went back up to his cheeks to give them the attention they deserve from me. Once Nagal was relaxed, he let me play with his tight asshole while stroking his cock. Both felt warm and made me hard. I flipped him on his back and took his meat into my hand, stroking it until it released a big load.
Featuring:  Nagal
Release Date: 05/23/2022