Conor and Nagal 2

I couldn't wait to see Nagal again. When he visited the first time, it was new to him. He didn't know what to expect. This time, Nagal fully embraced the experience. He started with a playful tease as he took off his clothes, which brought a smile to my face. He laid face down on the couch, and I started rubbing his upper back and arms. His breathing let me know how much he missed our session. I eventually made my way down to his undies and removed them, giving me access to his beautiful ass. I oiled up my hands and moved them around his smooth cheeks and lower back. His body started to tingle as I gently fingered his hole and stroked his dick. He flipped over and I finished the massage with my hand covered in his cum.
Featuring:  Conor, Nagal
Release Date: 09/19/2022