Conor and Kody 2

It's been a little time since I've had the pleasure of working on Kody. He was a little older but still had that schoolboy charm about him. How couldn't I help but be happy to see him again? After he got undressed, I started on his shoulders as he sat on the massage bed. I made my way up and down his back before asking him to lay flat, where I continued rubbing his body with oil. Watching his eyes rolling in the back of his head said it all as my hands massaged his arms and then travelled down his body to his undies, removing them and oiling up his ass. I played with his hole and could feel the heat racing through my fingertips. It was so hot stroking his cock before turning him over and finishing the job. Watching his load leave his balls was the icing on the cake.
Featuring:  Conor, Kody
Release Date: 09/12/2022