Conor and Fyreman

Fryeman is one of those boys you have to stop and say, "he is so fucking cute." That was how I felt when he walked into my room and said hi. My heart melted just a little bit once he smiled and warmed up the entire room. He came in, took his clothes off down to his green undies, and laid face down on the couch. I was excited to get my hands on his skin. It was warm to the touch, which made the oil soak into his body and made the massage more enjoyable. I moved down towards his lower back and just past his undies. He smiled as my hands explored his body. I continued down to his legs and eventually removed his draws. That's when I got a good grab on his ass and started playing with Fryeman's hole and dick. Then I flipped him over and stroked his cock until he erupted. Such a beautiful boy.
Featuring:  Conor, Fyreman
Release Date: 06/06/2022