Conor and Corel 2

We love when we get repeat clients, especially when they are cute rusty red-heads like Corel. He came back and wanted to start in the chair. I never mind how the job gets done as long as the client is happy. I started on his neck, before removing his shirt, and working his shoulders and upper back. Corel then removed his shorts and laid down on the massage table. I forgot how cute his smile was until I started touching him, and it appeared. But I knew what brought him back. I oiled my hands and moved them across his smooth ass. The smile grew. I rubbed his hole with my thumb, then lifted his hips so I could grab his cock. That got him excited. I flipped him over and finished the job as he sprayed his seed on his stomach
Featuring:  Conor, Corel
Release Date: 08/08/2022