Claude Laurent and Sly Conan

I've been so busy balancing life as a student-athlete that I can never find the time to do anything for my body besides pushing it to the limit and beyond. That had to stop. So when my stepbrother, Claude, offered a massage, I said yes with no question. In only my jock, I lay on his massage table and waited. When he came in, he went right to my shoulders. It didn't take long for him to find his way down towards my lower back, where my bare ass was waiting for him. I'm not a bottom, but I love having my ass rubbed. Claude was amazing and talented at finding my stress spots, which led him to my dick. I lifted my hips while Claude stroked my dick from the back before I flipped over, and he finished the job with his mouth.
Featuring:  Claude Laurent, Sly Conan
Release Date: 01/26/2023