Cesar Rose and Leonel Russell

Sexy Cesar Rose is known for lending a helping hand and mouth, especially for a friend in need, and hot twink Leonel Russell is in a lot of need. Leonel and Cesar had just finished another long practice and were talking in the locker room. That's when Leonel told his buddy that he hurt his ankle. Cesar immediately put his friend's foot in his crotch and began rubbing it. But blood wasn't flowing only to Leonel's pain as both boy's big dick's started growing. Within minutes Cesar's mouth was sucking on Leonel's dick, giving it the attention it needed. But Leonel wasn't selfish and gave the same attention in return. But it wasn't about Cesar, and both guys knew it as Cesar stroked Leonel off until cum flowed over his hand.
Featuring:  Cesar Rose, Leonel Russell
Release Date: 04/04/2024