Bruno Pattel and Milo Dusek

It was my first time seeing if giving a massage was something that I wanted to do. Friends told me how much fun they had, but I thought I wasn't like them. That was until I gave my stepbrother Milo his first massage. After stripping down to our jocks, I grabbed the lotion and worked his shoulders as he sat on the table. It all seemed to be going well, so I moved toward his chest and neck. That's when I noticed Milo playing with his dick. He filled out his jockstrap completely as my eyes grew big and my mouth wet. I kissed his neck and lips before taking his cock into my hand. He made room for me on the table, and I joined him as we kissed and stroked our dicks. Milo leaned back and gave me his big cock to suck until he shot his load on my tongue.
Featuring:  Bruno Pattel, Milo Dusek
Release Date: 01/19/2023