Bruno Pattel and Julian Mendes

My step-cousin, Julian, stopped by after work the other day after finishing his third back-to-back shift and needed some love and attention on his body. He knows how much I love him and would help without question because I know just what his body needs. He came in and sat on my massage table. I grabbed the lotion and started rubbing his shoulders. Hearing him melt in my hands turned me on because he knew he was in good hands. My fingers gave his nipples a rub, which I know he loves, before grabbing more lotion, moving to the other side of the table, and massaging his thighs. I stroked his dick as we kissed, then put it in my mouth, which made him blow his load. Told you I knew what his body needed.
Featuring:  Bruno Pattel, Julian Mendes
Release Date: 04/27/2023