Bruno Pattel and Joris Leonard

After a week on the road, Daddy required some tender loving care from his boy, Joris, who was more than happy to give Daddy what he needed and more. I met Joris at his new studio. He was already in his undies when I arrived. I removed my clothes and joined him at the massage table. After a brief hello, I sat and let him do his magic. Joris started moving his hands around my body, from my shoulders to my inner thigh. It's been a few months since he's had his hands on me, and we both missed it. Next, he added lotion and took his time in all the right places until he settled on my dick, stroking it slowly through my briefs. I laid down on the table, my hard cock fully exposed, as Joris continued rubbing my legs. That's when he started sucking my cock. Eventually, I unloaded on my boy's lips. He loves how Daddy tastes. My good boy.
Featuring:  Bruno Pattel, Joris Leonard
Release Date: 05/25/2023