Bruno Pattel and Glenn Hut

Giving massages is something I started doing last summer to earn some money, but I never thought it would give me so much joy until I gave my stepbrother, Glenn, a massage. Most of my massages happen nude, and he was cool with it. That's when I knew it would be a special massage. I mounted his back, and my cock started to get erect as my hands skated around his back, but now his undies were in the way, so I slipped them off. Now my cock was rubbing against his bare asshole. I spread his cheeks apart and added a little spit. He liked that, so I humped his ass a little more before flipping him over, rubbing his belly and feeding him my dick until I shot on his chest.
Featuring:  Bruno Pattel, Glenn Hut
Release Date: 02/16/2023