Bruno Donizete and Cecil Rose

I had a very long week at work and was long overdue for a massage from my stepson, Bruno, who now has his own business and loves it when I visit. I stripped down to my undies and took position on his massage table. Bruno, also in his undies, started on my upper back before making his way down and removing my underwear. He grabbed my cheeks and began kneading all the stress out. That school of his has made our time alone much better. As I moaned in pleasure, Bruno reached down, grabbed my cock, and pulled it toward him, which turned me on. I moved to my knees and gave him access to my cock while he fingered my hole. I finally sat down and gave him my big cock to deep throat, which he did until I came. Such a good boy.
Featuring:  Bruno Donizete, Cecil Rose
Release Date: 05/18/2023